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"Capital" refers to the fixed assets, while "Budget" refers to a plan for a company's expenditures. Capital budgeting is the act of examining, contemplating, and deciding on a large number of possible costs. Investments in long-term projects, such as purchasing a new vehicle for a firm or factory, acquiring machinery and equipment, constructing a new facility, and many more, are examples of these types of investments.

Significance of Capital Budgeting

To fully appreciate the significance of capital budgeting, it is necessary first to grasp the concept of capital budgeting. Capital budgeting, as described previously, is a method used by corporations to evaluate the potential benefits of new investment. Measurability and accountability may be achieved through capital budgeting. Investing money in a certain project necessitates understanding the project's potential rewards and hazards. The long-term financial viability of any project or investment is determined via capital budgeting process.

Capital Budgeting helps in pursuing new projects to spend resources on, the generation of new firm goals, the approximation of cash flow calculations, decision-making, control and monitoring of expenditures, and a host of other responsibilities.

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