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In a case study, a researcher looks at how a group, person, or situation has changed over a certain period of time. Finishing a case study smoothly is challenging because the information must be original and authentic. Inexperienced students face difficulty in a case study because it requires a lot of research, analysis, and a good way to organize data. Students have to do a lot of work during their study time in school. Some of these tasks can be very time-consuming. Assignments take time, awareness, skills, and potential to complete.

A Case Study is Made Up of Two Things:

  1. What is a case? It's an event, a method of doing something that involves one person or a group of people.
  2. Second, we have to talk about the case's margins. These are time and the case's place. Besides interviews, annotations, documentation, and more, qualitative data can also be gathered in a case study.

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